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i want your mixtapes as they are so so good.
the link dosent work can you link me the files please?
many thanks :)

Which ones aren’t working for you? All the links should be working…

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I just thought I’d let you know that I’m pretttty sure we’d be best friends if we went to the same college. But really, it’s not big deal. We listen to the same music and have similar tastes. You’re cool, I’m cool. You’ve got a sweet blog, too.

Aw man, now I wish you were at my school and we actually could be best friends. Do you want to be pen pals? That’s like, totally the next best thing right?

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did that guy you gave your number to ever call you?

He didn’t call me, no. But he texted me and we’ve been chatting a bit here and there. Nothing crazy. We talk quite often in real life though because we always seem to run into each other.

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(From the same sender as the previous long-form question about relationship)

I suppose that makes sense somewhat. I’ve got something of a crush on you, albeit from thousands of kilometres away. I’ll resume my silent enjoyment from a far. Before I do that, one last question:

Where does your faith originate and what does it change? Does it inform your otherwise secular life or does it radically change the life choices you make? Does it set you free or fence you in? How (apart from the obvious) does it affect your here and now?

You must have really good binoculars then, wow. Hah.

Er, let’s see. I grew up in a Christian family and have been going to church consistently since about grade four. That being said, I have also really considered other options and thought about my faith a lot, it’s not just something I’ve been spoon fed. It changes pretty much my whole life, actually. It changes what I think about, what I do and how I respond in situations. I think it does change my life choices a lot, too. For example, a pastor I’d never met prophesied over me a few years ago and amongst other things that were already accurate or soon became accurate, he told me that I was uniquely fitted and that God had called me to teach in Europe - which is the main reason that I pursued volunteering at a school in Paris. The situation was kind of a remarkable one and ended up being just right when I followed through with it, the teachers told me that they had hardly ever seen someone work with children so well (so, yay!). And now I’m heading back to school for possibly 6 years to get a degree in education and return. So, it’s changing my decisions there, and in other places but I won’t bore you with all of the examples.

I’m going to start a new paragraph, if that’s okay. It absolutely sets me free. Some people think that Christianity traps you and forces you to obey a bunch of rules that are impossible, but I think that’s because they don’t really understand how it works. Christianity is, above all else, centred on unconditional love and incredible grace. Two things which are absolutely not constricting at all. At the end of the day I know that the author of creation loves me dearly and that no matter how miserably I fail at trying to emulate Christ’s perfect example of kindness and selflessness, I still can and will be forgiven. Sounds pretty freeing to me!

Also another new paragraph! I think it gives me peace of mind and confidence in the present. It stops me from worrying about the future and alleviates me from the guilt of the past. It gets me excited when I think about it, actually. Like, there is this verse in John (the second part of John 16:33) that goes “In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! For I have overcome the world.” That’s Jesus speaking. Isn’t that wonderful? Gah. I just get so excited to think of how wonderful it all is.

Hope that answered your questions, sorry if I tended to ramble a little.

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I’m confused by you. I sit here, on the other side of the world, seeing snippets of a pretty, fun, passionate young woman. I read echoes of someone longing for companionship. I see someone who is, in short, very attractive (across all spheres, not just physically) and also longing.

And yet, you have (I think) managed to stay single the whole time I have followed your blog. What, pray tell, is the hitch here? Is it that the boys you like suddenly show that they are boys you do not really like when they start to pursue you? Is it that the daunting task of building a relationship overwhelms you? Is it something else that I couldn’t think of to fit into this triumvirate?

Yep, I am really good at failing at relationships. Mostly, though, it’s a combination of two things: 1) I have unreasonably high and silly standards - which are unjustified and unfair. 2) When males who I previously was interested in start to show any bit of attraction to me it - for some unknown reason to me - completely freaks me out and scares me off.

Also, I have this terrible knack of falling for boys who are, for some reason or another, totally unattainable, so that doesn’t help either. PLUS I tend to come off as pretty sarcastic in real life and that scares some people off too. 

So, you know. There are lots of reasons.

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You’re making me crave going to Paris! I was born there, and although I don’t remember much of it, I always feel safe and happy wandering around it. Where’s the city in the world you feel safest?

Aw, yeah, I think once you’re in Paris for a bit it gets in your veins and it’s hard to be away. I think I probably feel safest in my home city. We have a really low crime rate and I know it so well. Although, I do live next to a river which is sometimes a little sketchy at night, haha. So, I am actually going to change my answer to Victoria. It’s this city in B.C. where my grandparents live and it’s so quiet and filled with old people that I have never felt even remotely unsafe.

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Have you ever questioned your sexuality?

I feel like most of the population probably has, to one extent or another. So, yes, yes I have. For a while I thought that something was up because I would like guys and then the moment they liked me back I was completely turned off (this is, for the record, still the case) and so I thought that maybe it was actually just because I didn’t actually like males in the first place. That’s just not true though, I’m just messed up, haha. I can recognize that girls are attractive, but I have never “felt something” for another female. Guys, on the other hand, I fall for left and right. I talk with them and my heart palpitates out of order, my hands shake a little and there is a distinct release of dopamine. Then I think about them and dream about them and get excited to see them. I tense up when they’re in the room and I feel near physical static or electricity passing through me when their hands brush up against mine. I think about getting married and spending time together with boys. I feel safe and happy in their arms. Emotionally, physically and psychologically I crave a male.

So, yes, I have questioned my sexuality. Especially last year when this cute british girl who I worked with (and who was, in fact, of the homosexual orientation) tried desperately to seduce me, and would talk at length with me about how maybe I was actually a lesbian and just didn’t know yet. But throughout every exploration of myself I have come to the undeniable conclusion that I am straight.

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Hi! I know this is kind of random, but I’m actually going to be traveling to Paris with my boyfriend for a few days in a couple of weeks. Since you’ve been there for a while, do you have any non-touristy recommendations for sights to see, or cheap food to eat? We’ll be staying in an apartment in the 11 arrondissement, and neither of us speaks French. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, I’m glad you asked! I mean, I don’t know if my advice will do you much good but here’s what I think:

  1. You should go to the canal St. Martin (it’s pretty close to the 11th - Google map it to get a good idea of where it is) it’s a nice place to walk along and hardly any tourists go there.
  2. If you like falafels and shwarma, you should try to eat at L’as Du Falafel on Rue du Rosiers in the Marais (which is in the Jewish quarter of Paris - the 3rd or 4th arondissement, I believe) because it’s awesome (they speak english, no worries).
  3. Then while you’re in the Marais, if you go, get yourself a delicious treat that hails from Normandy (that’s a region in northern France) called a kouignette. You can find them in Maison George Larnicol which is found on 14 Rue de Rivoli (one of the main streets in that neighbourhood). I recommend FOR SURE the caramel one - it’s beyond amazing and I’ve tried the other flavours, they just don’t compare. So it’s called “caramel beurre sale” and they are quite sweet so you might even just want to split one between the two of you.
  4. If you want to just relax a bit, I would recommend this fabulous park just north of you called the Parc des Buttes Chaumont -it’s AMAZING. Filled with hills and interesting trees and water and hundreds of sunbathing locals, it’s the place to be on a warm afternoon and this park, unlike many of the higher end parks, allows sitting on the grass which is lovely.
  5. You can drink in public in most place in France so why not take advantage of it? Try grabbing yourself a cheap wine (even the 6-8 euro bottles are great) at Nicolas - a liquor store chain - and sitting down along the Seine at midnight. Everyone does it and it’s quite the fun atmosphere, you can even go sit on the Pont des Arts - a romantic little student bridge with the tradition of lovers attaching locks to the railings with their initials and then tossing the coin into the river! It’s far from where you’ll live, though, over more in the 7th or 6th arrondissement I think. But don’t hesitate to take the metro in the evenings - just make sure you know what time it closes that day!

As far as cheap meals go, I don’t know of that many good restaurants for that (Paris is VERY expensive) but I will recommend this: go for set menus as often as you can. They will save you money for sure and almost every restaurant offers them. Also, try eating out at lunch (cheaper menus) and then for dinner go to a Monoprix or a Carrefour (grocery stores) and pick up ingredients for a picnic that you can enjoy in a park - it will save you oodles of money. Also, don’t forget that tips are including in the bills here (15% mandatory) so no need to leave any more money than you see on the bill - seriously, don’t.

One final word of advice is this: I don’t know what days of the week you’ll be in Paris, but you should note that many places are closed on Sunday and/or Monday. The French like their breaks and they will take them even when it’s inconvenient. Don’t even try to find an open grocery store on sunday afternoon, haha. And many museums are closed on Monday. Also! Always travel with ID -student ID if you have it - as many places (movie theatres and museums) will give you a discount for being a student or even just under 26 years old.

Hope that helps! You can always google the things I mentioned if you want more information on them as I was kind of brief.

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Is there anyone that you follow that writes stuff as inspiring as you? I literally went thru all 400 something pages of your blog in about 3 days! Lol, I couldn’t look away!

Oh gosh. I feel like you just walked in on me naked, you must know me so intimately now! Haha. But really, that’s funny, I hope it provided a good read for you. Um, my absolute favouritest tumblr of ALL TIME is The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, because it’s beautiful and poignant and just amazing. And otherwise Cin writes wonderfully about love and all matters like that. Other writing blogs I follow are: Kelsey, Elly and Jean. Those are the ones I stop to read.

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So what’s your relationship with your parents like? Was everything fine with your going to France for this length of time? Etc.

Ahhh, my relationship with my parents is REALLY good. I love them immensely and I think they generally feel the same way about me. Both of them are very avid travel fans and support every one of my attempts to go anywhere. They are actually paying for my time here in Paris, so they are pretty supportive, I would say. I am so grateful every single day for them and the beautiful way in which they love and care for me. I am beyond blessed.

While being gone, I’ve skyped with them/emailed/talked on the phone all the time and both have come to visit us here (me and my sister). My mom just arrived today, actually. I am so excited. I don’t think I have shut up since she got here. She is one of those people who will listen to you talk for hours and still be attentive and interested and make you feel special.

My parents are probably 95% responsible for every good trait I have and they always put up with all of the bad traits I picked up elsewhere. They are both amazing people.

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